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Contact us, we have Alpaca Fleece, Yarn, Batting, Roving, Raw Fleece and Fertilizer for sale. We also have limited selections in unique clothing upon request.

Our Yarn sells for $3.75-6.50/oz
Batting: .50/SqFt
Fertilizer: .30/lb

We also have gorgeous rugs in 2x6, 3x4 and 2x3 sizes. They sell for $11 a square foot. They are not only eye catching but they are also extremely durable and water wicking. Ask us about customizing a size and style for you to fit any room in your home.

Pendleton Throw Blankets and Scarfs, gorgeous, warm, and delightfully fashionable.

Alpaca fertilizer is one of the best non chemical fertilizers you can use. It has low nitrogen levels which makes it excellent for use in gardens.