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Why We Invested?

In December '00, I was watching a television program on investments. There was a balding man about my age with his grandkids and an alpaca. This was intriguing! He told of the enjoyment and profits and talked me into viewing the AOBA website. I was amazed at the quantity, and most of all quality, of the websites! Most of them appeared to belong to people just like us. The web pages were beautifully done and had an unbelievable amount of information.

Did these guys find a cure for my retirement questions? Had they discovered a way to get out of the "grind", work at something that was safe, fun, wholesome AND rewarding? So I looked further..........and further........and further. The more I looked, the more I pictured myself in their place. 

These folks were not dummies! I've met scores of fellow paca people since December and haven't found a single one that hasn't previously been involved in another prosperous undertaking before alpacas. Most have been very successful. Then I came to the realization that it wasn't just the financial aspects of this business that was hooking me. It was thoughts of being outdoors, handling and caring for these gentle creatures, making buying and breeding decisions, mixing with like-minded cohorts, and perhaps even traveling the country to show off the alpaca "family". But the prospect of simply enjoying working again was a dream come true, in a business without stockholders, C.E.O.'s, inspectors, traffic jams, workers' compensation, and the many other negatives that had caused my livelihood to become a chore rather than a passionate adventure. (About Us)

It's been 12 years since we bought the first paca. They have proven to be all they were said to be. We have traveled, saved gillions in taxes, met terrific new friends, delivered numerous beautiful babies, won a bunch of ribbons, and have over 300 animals on site including boarders and consignments. We learn something new each day, and can't wait for tomorrow!

Alpacas are the world's finest livestock investment today, returning 25 to even 70 percent. But the terrific financial potential isn't half the reason we're so excited....


Come join us!

Updated August 30, 2012